Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring ='s Dresses

It's no secret that I am not a fan of heat. I don't particularly like the cold all that much either but I can stand it. Being hot and sticky in the summer is no treat and I dread the end of spring just as much as I love the start of fall.

Now I'm not a little girl and I've never been a 'girly' girl. Well not never, my mother dressed me up in wool and corduroy dresses as a child and I twirled, but it's been a very very long time since I've worn a dress (not including weddings).

But there is always time for a change and I think a sun dress or two might be a good start. Wanna know why?

1. Pants are too freaking hot in the summer. There's nothing worse than sitting on a bus or subway in hot stuck-to-your-thigh pants. Okay maybe hot-stuck-to-your-bare-thigh-seat is pretty bad, but not so bad as long as you feel cool.

2. I look horrid in shorts. Always have and probably always will. I blame my family for my snu-snu amazonian thighs and thus don't really bother wearing shorts all that much.

3. Skirts require coordination. I'm a lazy girl who likes to get up 15-30 minutes before I head to work and coordination is the first thing to go in the morning. Dresses alleviate that need to know what you're doing. One piece, maybe some shoes (mine are all black or brown) and a shrug. Which is probably white or grey. It leads to thinking I might be less of a fashion disaster if I wear these one-sies.

4. I kinda want to feel pretty and twirl again. It doesn't mean I'm a girly girl, and I'm still going to love Star Wars (4-6 only dear Lucas) and play Left for Dead 2, capping zombie bitches one head-shot pop at a time.

And since spring weather is in full 'OMG SUMMER IS TOMORROW' swing I've been attacked with blogs on the weather and spring things to do. Since my originality is zapped by all that button arting I've been doing I've been shameless storing blog post ideas on cute things to do with summer attire.

Credit to A Beautiful Mess Blog. Clicks are encouraged. : )
Like today, A Beautiful Mess Blog posted a lovely feature on Jill from Lune Blog (seven degrees of blogging much?). Bleach Painting on Textiles D.I.Y. is a great 'beginner' idea to make clothing your own. I'm starting to think with my lack of funds thrift stores will be my source of 'sort of fitting' clothes for cheap. That and the Walmart I sold my soul to is in Pickering, and until I get it back I can't sell it to the one on Eglinton.

With some bleach painting I can make the thrift store nuggets my own. Instead of inspiring sayings I will probably just use the names of my blogs or famous Star Trek, Kids in the Hall and Archer quotes taken completely out of context.

So I'll leave you with your thoughts on what summer is inspiring you to do. Me; buy flowers, a new couch, dresses and a haircut (if all goes as planned).

I feel like I should say balls because I havn't yet this post.



  1. Yay dresses! I cant wait to bust out my maxi dress I got at the end of season last year. I just wish strapless giant floral maxi dresses were work appropriate.

    1. You know you could just wear a cute little short sweater overtop and it should be fine! Or a vest or something. Hmmm long vest. I think I'm gonna get me one of those too.