Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Hurr

Today was a relatively uneventful day compares to last night where, coupled with late trains, I not only missed an important Skype date with friend trapped in Merry Old England but assembled a couch all by my lonesome. I won't claim to be sad about the assembly. It was fun and triumphantly awesome!

Today though is uneventful. Just regular work where co-worker's not in so I was in alone. Simple regular lunch, nice day outside I can't enjoy because of online job. sigh. Regular old Wednesday.

Aside from a new schmancy hair cut!!! 

Now we need a before picture and since I forgot to take one with my nice camera's at home you're all just going to have to deal with craptacular cellphone pictures. Or picture, singular. Because only one of like 15 turned out.

Hurray for new hair! 

I'm a fan of bangs on other people and trying it now on myself should prove to be interesting. Maybe not the smartest idea just before summer, but I have bobby pins: I'll live. 

But this new hairstyle does lend well to hair accessories. TO ARDENE!

Anyhoo, that is my uneventful day. Plus some fan shopping because goddamn is it hot in this apartment. 



    seriously. you are like sex on fire. meow

    (aka- Casey likey)

    1. I KNOW RIGHT?!?!

      Haha sex on fire. I like the sound of that. but you know, not literally. But I'm glad you like it! We'll see how well I style it on my own.