Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Indigo Fall Preview 2014

Last Thursday I attended the 2014 Indigo Fall Preview. The organizer was fantastic and certainly offered of help while I walked around and snapped my photos. This was my first 'preview' and somewhat more 'official' blogging event so I may have been a little on the quiet side but hey, it was fun! I wish I'd stayed a little longer but I didn't know anyone else attending and felt a little out of place. Most people had just come from work and looked fabulous while I was a little... more comfortable looking. Totally my own isms there but I know what to expect now.

I took a lot of photos and if anyone has a question about any please let me know in the comments. I want to point out a few things I loved and want to share though! So... Where do I start?

The Big Book

National Geographic: Around the World in 125 Years. This is a beautiful volume of photographs from various places around the world. When I say huge, I mean huge. It is a three volume collection of fantastic photos that will leave you in awe. The quality of the printing is exceptional and because of that so is the price($450+). From what we were told at the preview only a select number of copies will be printed (I want to say somewhere around three thousand) which means there is certainly one hell of a demand on these. I could go on for a while about this collection but I think hearing it from their webpage would be best. You can read more about it on Chapters.Indigo.ca, but really it was so beautiful. Photo's don't do it justice.


I may have a small obsession with writing journals and stationary accessories. And by may I mean I do. With that said there are a few lovely new items coming out this fall that I would love to have! And would probably be too afraid to write in once I do have them.


All of them are adorable but I am absolutely drawn to the tree. Sadly it was on the top most shelf and my camera phone does not do it justice. Something neat to note as well, I'm not sure it's all their journals, but some of the new journal lines Indigo will be releasing this year will actually be branded with 'Indigo' on the back. Something I didn't know was new and not tried before.

The Grand Table

I loved this table set up and thought it was a wonderful way to feature so many beautiful new products they're launching. I will get into the details of my favourite items but it's really worth a look through all the photos to see the fantastic angles, products, colours and options you can get. Not to mention the bread looked delish!

Love that Jug

I couldn't get enough of the porcelain dish ware they had there! I really couldn't. It was a lovely matt finish and seemed so rustic (I see what you're doing with the country chic there Indigo!). I went a little crazy on the adorable scale with photos when it came to the beautiful little collections around the space.

This spoon killed me! It's shaped like a branch and was beautifully made. not to mention little cute porcelain cup? Yup. I died. I just like small little adorable things. 

Oh hey look, it's the jug again. Coupled with copped mugs? Cutting boards? Yup. I would buy each and everyone of these had I the money or place to put them.

The inclusion of wood to definitely go crazy on the 'fall' theme was actually quite pleasant. I've always be partial to wood finish vs paint and seeing so much of it was nice. The Fall preview was probably the one I'll like the most (hoping I'm invited to more of course).

Mason Jar's

I get it internet, Mason jars are cool again. Hipsters are obsessed (I have a cupboard full because jam jars, or mason jars, are cheap as all hell and I bought a dozen or two for like 10$) and I get it. Now I have to give Indigo credit on this because my love for the mason jar coupled for my love of little things is like a double 'BUY THIS' whammy. But what is it for? Shots? I like my shots a little larger... so maybe for cute little things to go in cute little glass mason jar mugs. Either way, I loved these. Even if I don't see their point aside from making me go 'ZOMG That's adorable!' and get strange stares from the rest of the room.


Can you say no to swag? Indigo was awesome and sent me home with some great little neat things. Going around, we have:

  • Mother's Day Mag (good timing on that one)
  • Home/Garden mag/book/thingy that had some fantastic ideas
  • lotion (those little green and pink containers)
  • Pluck Tea that Indigo will be stocking in the fall. I haven't tried it yet, maybe I'll reserve my opinions until after. I tend to be a little pick with tea. 
  • A DIY snow-globe. It seemed a little out of place with the fall preview but hey, free is free!
  • Note book
  • candle in holder
  • 'But First, Coffee' mug
All in all it was a nice event for a first timer and I enjoyed myself. I am bringing the nice camera next time because the angles you have to get with a regular phone are just ridiculous. 


Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Secret Stomp

There are few things in life that are better than a well made burger on a nice summer day.

This week has been absolute hell in Toronto for weather, meaning it's been cold as balls for spring. So if I can't have one, why not the other?

Allow me to introduce you to, one of the many versions that this special beast can take:

The Secret Stomp

Photo Copyright Lisa-Marie Wilson 2014 and yeah, that's all cheese.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Credit Where It's Due

This is a rant. I will not apologize for it though I do hope that if you don't take a lesson from it you're at least mildly entertained for a time. If you don't like rants, running is acceptable.

Credit where it's due. It might seem simple and almost meaningless but this is something that is so important these days on the internet. Where information is travelling faster and faster attribution and credit are sometimes essential to people's livelihood.

Okay, sure those are just words. What am I actually pissed off about?

Stealing. Reposting. Claiming something cool and unique as your own original content when you stole it. When you know you stole it. When no attempt is made at all to find the original creator or source of the information you are peddling as yours.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Cooking Catch-up: Roasted Chicken

I haven't forgotten about blogging. I swear! I'm reaching a bit far back on this one though, because why not blog about all those random photos of stuff I've taken in the past?

Now, what do you do when you take photo's of your food because you're proud that you didn't set the kitchen on fire? Other than eating the food of course. Because if you just made it and then walked away that would be all kinds of uncool.

Well, what I do when I take photo's of food is then put those photo's online. It's a lovely process known as 'showing-off-your-ability-to-eat-nice-looking-things' and is drawn from that place where people post about the new game you scored well in that no one really cares about or that awesome new purse that you really couldn't or shouldn't have been able to afford.

I digress. I roasted a chicken once (It was a while ago but I've since roasted different chickens in the same way for a while). It was delish. I recommend roasting your own instead of buying those 10$ pre roasted chickens at the grocery. It takes very little effort.

Here's what I did.

Roasted Chicken