Monday, March 26, 2012

Shopping Adventures!

Saturday I went shopping with Casey over at Waffling on the Danforth. The weather was pretty crappy, windy and cold as hell after a nice warm wave earlier in the week. But, we had a great time without nice weather.

How you might ask?
We were shopping fool. And Shopping is fun.

First stop was Moss after meeting at Pape Station. Actually, after the fact I realized we should have met at Chester, but anyways. Moss! It's a nice little store that specializes in outdoor and garden stuffs like furniture, some plants, decorative elements. Everything in this store I would put in my apartment so we went to look at awesome things and so I could share with Casey the greatness that is Moss.

First of which, that both Zach and I adore, is this pretty freaking awesome pillow. Now neither of us are sailors and I can't stand Moby Dick (still haven't finished it after years upon years of trying...) so you might think it's strange but this pillow is awesome. All grey and canvas-y and it's got a big-ass whale on it. It would go great with the new couch too, but something tells me that $34 for a pillow is beyond my spending habits so all I have is this photo of the original plankster.
I went there.

Then there's this little guy who would be wonderful anywhere. Functional? Of course not! But an orange silly aligator is necessary and important to the image of my home. I want this sucker, but alas I can't justify the spending at this time. There are multiples of this guy in different sizes so I'm not too worried that he'll disappear, plus the artist is canadian! I'll go back and find it sometime.

So Zach, the awesome boyfriend, is a history nerd. Despite my distaste for politics I love this history geekyness about him and all the nerdy stuff he likes. Example: globes. Awesome, old fashioned and pretty freaking cool globes. Downfall: he has such good taste that it's too damn expensive to purchase. But I'm on the lookout, Craigslist and Kijiji alike looking for something that will fit our sense of nerdy+globe+inexpensive. So far, nada. But it's only been a few days.

Now this cat needed some attention because... lets me honest this is ridiculous!!! I love seeing people who have those porcelain/steel/bronze animals on their porches and windows and mantles. Normally they're cute or majestic.


If I wanted to see a frowning cat I can just spray mine in the face with water. But it was a good price.

Did I buy it?
No. I'm not THAT silly.

Gloom Cat.

After some much needed shopping Casey and I stopped off for some gelato. In her words "I always eat gelato when in Europe. All three times!"

I love you Casey but I did prefer my tiramisu gelato to your combo of cookies and cream and something else. Sooo good with the tasting of alcohol... Just what I needed at noon on a saturday after a coffee.

Sexiest gelato eating faces EVAR
No there aren't any pictures of the subway station. I'm not like that. But on the way this adorableness happened.

I love random street art, especially this variety. On the door to a upstairs apartment above a little old grocery store where I purchased noms.

We made our way over to Woodbine for some arting and thrifting supplies. DeSerres was stop number one and it was fun! Crafts, craft supplies, painting stuff and things I can't afford. Nothing like a shopping trip to remind you how broke you really are.

I just picked up two small things to cover some projects I've had in mind for a while: Canvas transfers and Chalkboard wall. Well not a whole wall, but a part of one. I'll get something up about it this week (hopefully) but right now I'm flattening the chalkboard so that might take some time.

Gotta love DIY projects, even the really easy peel and stick variety.

Casey also noted a poster for the One of a Kinda craft show in Toronto. Show hours:
It's only $8 and it would be great to go and get some awesome craft ideas and unique things (funds permitting). I think we'll keep you posted on if this trip is a reality later in the week. As much as I want to go, I always want a weekend to clean the apartment: a chore I've put off for sometime now. 
But I have to admit that the doll on the poster, although frightening, looks fun to make. Think of all the fun and twisted ways to use your imagination to create!! 

From there it was a frenzy of thrifting at Value Village. 
Pots, silly things and other stuffs. I can only share in images. 
POTS POTS POTS! I needed pots to plant my lovely plants in. Since I need things to keep me busy I picked up a few that need work. This one, Reoona as I like to call it, needs new paint. It's the right shape for my Jade plant (shallow but wide) so I can throw some stones in the bottom for draining, get some paint and viola; new and perfect pot! I'll DIY my way through that one later. 

This sucker will be for the christmas cactus I was gifted when moving in to the apartment. It's the same dark green as the plant so this sucker is getting a makeover with Reoona above. Right shape means colour change!! 

Pot for the new crocus bulbs I have! It's just perfect for them, and all shiny.

I did buy this pot to plant my Jade but after consideration it's going to house the African violet. Why? Because the jade needs more space. Le sigh. it is pretty awesome though. The violet should be super pleased.
I didn't buy this, but I probably would have if the damn button worked. And here I thought Casey was insane when she went on and on about a talking lobster...

So there you have it. A good day of shopping that led to strange adventures on the Danforth with Casey. 


  1. hells yes talking lobster!! Thanks for the fun date homie!

    1. Always. We should see if next weekend is a go for the one of a kind show.