Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Cooking Cure: Day 8

I should note first that YESTERDAY I TURNED 28! I'm cool like that. There was a divine blueberry topped cheesecake, a wonderful cast iron chinese style tea pot with two adorable mugs (I'll post about those soon) and indian for dinner! Butter chicken, chicken curry, beef vindaloo, garlic naan, chicken samosa, chicken biryani and mango shake for me, lassi for Zach. 

IT WAS AWESOME! Despite still being a little under the weather Zach treated me like a princess and I had a great night. I might do a recap of the gift, at the very least, at some point down the road but with the Cooking Cure I've got a schedule to keep and I intend to keep it.

But why is this all relevant? Guess what I have for leftovers! 

That's right, butter chicken and biryani. It was awesome.

Day 8: Find 5 New Recipes for Lunch

Wednesday March 12th, 2014
Cooking Cure's task for Day 8 on

Pretty easy and to the point, five recipe's that make me excited about preparing lunch. To Pinterest! To The internet!

  1. Lemon Orzo Salad with Asparagus, Spinach, and Feta from TwoPeasAndTheirPod: I have all these ingredients at home and might cheat and make this for tonight (leftovers for lunch tomorrow) because I should eat more veggies and I could use the green. 
  2. Old School Egg Salad: I'll make my own 'from scratch' recipe here (thanks Anisa for the push to choose a classic!) Good bread, like a nice fat kaiser bun, egg bun or fresh homemade bread. I could pull that off right? Hard boiled eggs, mayo, a bit of mustard (maybe dijon), salt, pepper, maybe chives and a touch of Srirracha sauce. Yup, this is a good idea.  
  3. Ploughman's Lunch from Multiple entendre's aside I love the idea of this ploughman's lunch. Simple but amazing ingredients that you pick at. I don't know how well this works for a work lunch, but I would like to try it. The 'mash-ups' suggested on are great and really worth a try.
  4. Japaleno + Bagel + Cream cheese +Cucumber : I'm noticing a trend of just naming foods I'd like to eat together. I like lunches that do this, very therapeutic I think? And leaves room for fudging, mixing and substituting. In this case I'm lookin' at making some Jalapeno Bagels from Yeah. This looks good. 
  5. Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers with Avocado from Meat is amazing but every once in a while it's nice to a veggie lunch. They can be protein packed without leaving you feeling sluggish and I could see myself making these ahead of time and maybe freezing? Don't know how well they would freeze but maybe I'll find out soon. 
That took a LOT longer than I thought, but I really like these ideas. Am I caught up yet? 

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