Monday, March 17, 2014

The Cooking Cure Day 10+11: Aww, shit...

Crap, am I bad at this.

I guess it comes as no real shocker that I'm falling behind again. Not only am I missing days, I'm not completing tasks. Crap on a stick. Well anyhoo, here's my catch-up.

Day 10: Make lunch Today and Plan Next Week's Breakfasts and Lunches

Thursday March 14th, 2014
Cooking Cure's task for Day 10 on

Well, I may have kind done this one but on Saturday instead of Friday. It was an egg salad, not as awesome as I'd hoped for but it was from scratch. Chives, lettuce, egg, mayo on pita bread (not homemade). It was like an egg salad pizza. Sadly, no picture, but it was nice and fresh. So we'll call this one a win?

As for a plan? I plan to cook something. Breakfast and lunch were a bust today with a Sunday night out until about 11 commuting back from Pickering. There was no plan this morning aside from tea, which means I bailed on this day almost entirely. I end up being pretty busy on the weekends so this cure structure might not work. Most of my meal planning happens on Monday at or after work so I'm thinking of doing the rest of it today. My sort of 'cure' for the Monday blues?

Day 11: Make a List of Everything You ate for Dinner Last Week

Thursday March 17th, 2014
Cooking Cure's task for Day 11 on

First off,
I was recently correcting by an Irish friend that it's a Paddy's day not Patty's, that's a girls name. Now, back to the cooking cure.

First I should explain that my week was not a normal sample. normally I don't eat out so much or go out all weekend, but it was my birthday last week so this weekend was extravagant. And awesome.

Monday: Pasta. I think?
Tuesday: My birthday. We had indian and cheesecake. It was wonderful.
Wednesday: Leftovers, ie. Indian and cheesecake.
Thursday: Asparagus and some bread. I wasn't feel great so I kept it simple.
Friday: Sushi. I don't know why but we decided it was important so we had more take out. Sushi, of course, was awesome.
Saturday: Dinner at my moms (homemade swedish meatballs, rice, salad, and cake!)
Sunday: Dinner at brother in-laws (pork and beef tenderloin, beans, potatoes,  cucumber salad and a tonne of jelly beans).

Yeah, I don't normally eat like that. But there you go.

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