Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Cooking Cure: Day 2 to 7 (Yeah, I screwed up)

I may have screwed up and totally missed a few days of the cure. Although my breakfasts surely could use some form of help it looks like it'll have to wait because I am not backtracking now.

To keep you up-to-date, I was sick all last week. At home sick, the real kind. Not fun coughing, not hearing, no use of nose kind of sick and it was unpleasant. But I'm getting better, or at least that's what I'm telling myself at this point and I expect you'll all agree that mind over matter has it's place. Whether we agree where that is debatable, but nevertheless I am alive.

I'll give you a quick list of what I missed (and you if this is your Cooking Cure source of info, which is mad if you ask me.)

Day 2: Ask Yourself 3 Questions About Your Breakfast Habits

Tuesday March 4th, 2014
Cooking Cure's task for Day 2 on
  1. What am I tired of eating? Cereal. I like the connivence but I know I eat it too much and I feel like it's not the kind of breakfast I should be having. It's not the 'power-packed-first-thing-starter' it once was, or at least not the brands I like. Those of course contain all the sugar in the world. Not bad until you hit about 10am and feel exhausted. 
  2. What do I love eating? Fresh. I love fresh when I remember to do it. I love eggs, I love good bread and perfect little things. Yes, I like eating lots of little food. If I could eat finger appetizers for the rest of my very short lived like I would. 
  3. What would I like to eat more often? Real and homemade. I like knowing what goes into my food and I'm starting to really enjoy the process of cooking and creating. If I can see exactly what went into it: a fruit, how much butter, what kind of flour, the amount of salt, I feel better about what I'm eating. I end up feeling proud. This is in part what I think 'real' food is. Not processed or filled with ingredients you can't pronounce, real food. But I'm not crazy obsessed or rich, so maybe this goal is a little high. 

Day 3: Find 5 New Recipe's for Breakfast

Wednesday March 5th, 2014
Cooking Cure's task for Day 3 on

This one is pretty easy to start. I love breakfast and would always love to try new things. Whether or not I'll ever get to trying these is up to the cosmos but I will remember them (I'm an avid pinner, if you must know). But I want to keep in mind about my questions last week; what do I love and what do I want to eat more of.
  1. Smoothies: Now I know I should be thinking of one specific recipe, but smoothies are so diverse I want to really get into the habit of making them for a breakfast. Like a staple I can transition from what I have. I like starting simple so why not a Mango Yogurt Smoothie from
  2. English Muffins from I always like a good english muffin. I thank my mother for that breakfast treat, but the store bought ones are just 'eh'. Not bad but I look at the ingredients and cringe. If I could make these puppies, or a way to have one fresh in the morning, I would be soooooo happy. 
  3. Huevos Rancheros from Love mexican cuisine, love eggs why not put them puppies together? My only fear is I'm not sure how I feel about hot sauce on my eggs. That being said, I've been corrected by the fiance that 'it's awesome' so I think so far this is the most likely subject for a breakfast cook day. 
  4. Cheddar and Leek Muffins from Portable, tasty I'm sure and I feel like I should try my hand at baking more.  
  5. Ham and Egg Crepe Squares from Bacon, or salty ham as a healthier substitute, couldn't escape this list. I love bacon but I want to find new ways on twisting the ever loved bacon and egg sandwich. This crepe square recipe is kinda cool and something I think I'd enjoy trying.  

Day 4: Stock Your Kitchen for One New Breakfast

Thursday March 6th, 2014
Cooking Cure's task for Day 4 on

Haha, go shopping. While I was sick as a dog? You bet your ass I didn't step outside all week. The weather was craptastic and I was even more shitty. The last thing I wanted to do was put real clothing on and leave my blankets. So no, I didn't stock up for anything.

Day 5: Make Breakfast Today and Plan for Next Week's Breakfasts

Friday March 7th, 2014
Cooking Cure's task for Day 5 on

We we all know this didn't happen. Being home sick, no cooking really happened over the course of last week. I did, I'll tell you, make myself some homemade mac and cheese but I can do that with my eyes closed. It wasn't healthy, but damn was it tasty and when you're sick all you care about is being a little bit satisfied. There was also all the orange juice drinking that could happen. I've been a little obsessed about it lately. Planning to ask the fiance to get me more OJ was the extent of 'planning' that went into my breakfasts for this week. Guess what? I already drank the OJ.

Day 6: Make a List of Everything You Ate for Lunch Last Week

Monday March 10th, 2014
Cooking Cure's task for Day 6 on

Does OJ count? I didn't really eat much other than Macaroni and cheese, toasted english muffins and take out, I think. I can't remember all too well because most of it was surrounded by 'I WANT ICE CREAM' and the fiance saying 'No'. I remember not eating ice cream (until the weekend). Does that count?

Day 7: Ask Yourself 3 Questions About Your Lunch Habits

Tuesday March 11th, 2014
Cooking Cure's task for Day 7 on

Oh I see what you're doing! This is just like the breakfast Q's. Sneaky Thought you'd trick me there.
  1. What am I tired of eating? Goddamn Subway. Screw me sideways I eat there way too much. Forgot lunch? Have some Subway. Brought lunch but it's gross? How about Subway? Feeling bad about yourself? Eat some more GODDAMN SUBWAY! I can't blame them, I keep going back. Maybe because my 'take-out' lunch choices are between 'healthy' subway sandwiches and the over priced grocery store next door where something of far less quality (and that's saying something) costs three time's as much. 
  2. What do I love eating? Apparently fucking Subway. I think it's the fake-bacon. I love salty food and well, it's easy and I don't have to make it. I do love sandwiches, fresh fat happy sandwiches, deli style with all the pickles. But what do I really love eating? New things. I get bored with the same old. I can't eat the same thing every day for lunch for a week. I've tried, I get bored and disillusioned by Thursday and end up going to Subway. That is depressing. 
  3. What would I like to eat more often? Leftovers from good dinners that keep and healthier lunches. When at work I don't really have the time to prepare a nice lunch even though I'm lucky enough to have a stove. Just don't think the bosses would approve of me spending an hour cooking and filling the office with my food stench, even if it's good. Or maybe they would... Either way, I want to try and eat healthier, prepare more satisfying lunches so that I'm not starving when I head home and gorge on an over indulgent dinner. 

So there, caught up. Not really doing the more 'active' cure's but hey, I'm trying right? 

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