Monday, June 6, 2011

TMGP + Bathroom Campers

I HATE Bathroom Campers.

It’s exactly as it sounds: people who camp in bathroom stalls. Now I know no one likes to talk about poop, or pee or other bodily functions. Or well, it’s not considered ‘high-brow’ but because of that bathroom etiquette is all kinds of important.

Especially at the goddamn office.

I work for a job I don’t like, and there are quite a few people here who I think are in the same situation, or were and have never left. It’s life, I understand how sad it is and how much we all hate our jobs BUT COME ON!

We only have two stalls at this office (problem 1) and one woman from customer service, every day, takes a shit. I’m happy she’s regular, I understand some people have a ‘schedule’ and like to adhere to it.

This does not include reading a book for an hour.
On the toilet.
One of only two.

So she sits there. And sits there. Turning her pages, grumbling, laughing sometimes at what she’s reading. I understand how sometimes we all just need a break, but don’t take it with your pants down (she’s one of those women who lets them go alllll the way to the floor with a very public view of her granny panties) on the toilet after you’ve done your business.


I’ve gone 3x’s now and each time she’s still in there, and someone else is in the other stall. I don’t blame the other person at all, but this one woman.... How long does one want to sit above their poop reading!? I wouldn’t want to! Poop Stinks! AND I NEED TO PEE!

Anyhoo, I think I’ve met my quota for saying ‘poop’ in under 300 words.

I’ll probably just resort to a Tim’s break and grab me an IceCap before tackling RIB FEST TONIGHT! Yeah, jealous? I bet you are. I’m jealous of future me.
I want ribs, but that’s for later. (Update because I wrote this on Friday : ribs were pretty good, bloomin' onion was MUCH better)

Because it's not enough that only I had to see it! 


  1. I'm a bathroom camper at home, but only because I have kids.

  2. Joshua: I can understand that, you pay your water bills, so bathroom camp away. But damn... the office?!