Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bathroom Misadventures: Stickies = Tool

Bathroom Misadventures: Stickies are a Viable and Effective Communication Tool  

I am an honest person, or at least would like to think so. So I’ll be an honest lass and tell you that I did not do this! But it did happen at work, and with such popularity of TMGP I think some more bathroom misadventures need some attention.

I just went to the bathroom. Hurray for me!
When I went in to sit down I found this on the toilet seat.

No joke- it took two stickies to encapsulate this rage.

Now most of us have experienced sharing a bathroom with a guy. Aim is a luxury, not a necessity it would appear but I have NEVER thought this of women.
I’m more fascinated with the fact that right there, below the little yellow notes were little yellow dots of liquid splashed upon the seat. How in GODS NAME DID SHE DO IT!? Which one of us women is the magical piss monster who urinates a trail to let others know she’s been there.

We’ve all been there sister! We don’t need droplet’s to prove it!

Anyways, it’s still there now. I laughed pretty hard when I read the notes (not by me I swear! And I’m not the Phantom Pisser either. ) So hard I had to photocopy them.
Before pasting them back on the toilet seat.

I’m pretty miffed about peed on seats buddy.

This is where I open the flood gates (OH WHAT A PUN!) and ask for your Potty Stories: and no, we don’t need ACTUAL pictures, but renditions ala stickies and scribbles are always appreciated.


Yeah, that's right. A little MS Paint makes everyone happy. 


  1. the phaaaaantom of thegirlsbathroom was heeeeere

  2. I'd rather wipe up someone's piss than see their floater because they can't ensure everything flushed the first time.

  3. Casey: ...piss-sing on seeeeaaaaatss!

    Joshua: Fair enough, but girls are pretty good about the duky's. And piss. In fact this was a whole new world of femininity for me. Or lack there of.