Friday, September 7, 2012

I’m thinking about an experiment.

I’m a plan-30-things-get-2-done-and-then-stress-about-the-list-left-over kinda gal. It’s obsessive and self destructive but not the worst habit out there I’ll admit. I find it fills me with purpose and satisfaction when I finally finish that list but sadly the list continues to grow and now I have décor, cooking and personal development plans most people don’t bother tackling in a life time. And thats just this week. 

It’s a lot to look forward to and I’ve been thinking I am stressing myself out.

Sure I could use to loose a few pounds.
Sure my apartment isn’t a stunning image of modern décor and organization.
Sure my cats bum hairs need to be clipped because he’s catching poop on his pants.
Sure I like to cook and spend way too much money finding new gadgets and ingredients to cook (I highly recommend truffle oil my friends, it’s to die for!)
Sure I write obsessively, have a full time job and take on all this other stuff on the side.
Sure I might be driving the BF crazy when I message him saying ‘Gonna pick something up after work. Love yoouuuu!!’ and bring home more junk.
Apartment Therapy's Pic:
Yeah pets are an awesome happy place. 

All that aside I also like to read blogs and today it may have actually helped me. Apartment Therapy, a design and life blog that I can’t stop reading and constantly yoinking design ides from, posted an interesting article this week: Your Weekly Retreat: How to Relax & Eliminate Stress at Home.
I’m of course thinking ‘Awesome new project!’ and true this probably feeds the obsession but it brought up some serious points.

PC all the way, fuck Macs. 
I am a techwhore. I love my laptop, my desktop and all my social connectivity programs and websites (strangely though not a big phone person…). One of the more important notes in the articles was finding an hour to ‘switch off’
Unplug completely from all of your devices. Turn off your phone, power down the computer, and turn the TV off.
This is a foreign concept to me. My first thougt was sure, I can turn off the computer and watch tv for a while. But then it said TV an dI thought, okay sure I can turn off the TV and play on my comp  a while.

So then I started thinking, 
Do NOT know where this comes from but hot Damn
that's a scary ass TV. 


Tonight I am making a plan. It won’t necessarily be super ‘me’ time as I have a boyfriend I live with and I like spending time with him, but I’m thinking we need to disconnect for a few hours tonight. Maybe read a book, turn off all the devices and just listen to the sounds of the city and my loud ass neighbors that I probably never hear because the TV is on when I do absolutely EVERYTING. Maybe I’ll brainstorm some story idea’s for NaNoWriMo? Or doodle like I used to. Maybe read up on my Tarot skills and practice or sand that motherfuckin’ magazine stand I’ve been meaning to refinish and purpose into a nightstand.
But that sounds like work and this hour is specifically a no work zone.

This could be my hardest project yet…. Wait I’m already thinking of it wrong.

Oh well, maybe I’ll feel some sort of satisfaction in just trying. I did clean the kitchen top to bottom last night and although I hated it and it’s dirty again already, goddamn did it feel good to see it clean.



  1. Oh my dear. You sound just like me - except that I manage to get ZERO items on my to-do list done. And while I have no problem disconnecting from my devices, and say reading for an hour, my problem lies in the fact that all my reading material is on my iPad. I've read almost every physical book in the house. :P

    Good luck sunshine. Let us know how it works out.

    1. Thanks! I'm hoping that having just this one item on the 'to-do' list will help minimize stress for the evening. As for reading... I get obsessive with that too and go apeshit and read all the novels in like a day. It's not healthy.... But I will let you all know, hoping it's not going to be during 'offline' time tonight, but who knows. I crack easily.

  2. I think the biggest concern here is that your cat is wearing pants.

    But in other news, this is a good idea! You need to connect with your inner chi. mellow out. Go for a nice walk with the boy and just chat

    1. Pants, Casey, are a term used to define the fluffy hairs that protrude from an animals (namely dogs but I don't discriminate) bottom and goes down their legs. They look like MC hammer fluffy PANTS and are therefor called pants.

      Haha inner Chi. I think my inner Chi is stressed. But a nice walk is a smart idea.

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