Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Reclaiming the 'Bad-News-Bears'

Let me preface this with I don’t remember the movie. I don’t know where I heard the saying, maybe I saw the Walter Matthau flick when I was a kid. Or the remake with Billy Bob Thorton... Maybe at my Gramma’s house, it would totally be a Gramma’s house kind of movie. A drunk, less than special kids that turned out okay despite the horrible beginnings.
And don’t forget the drunk. Every family has one!

But the term ‘Bad-News’Bears’ has been reclaimed.

By me.

I’ve taken it and changed whatever meaning it hd before to something new and kind of un-related. I don’t think it has to do with the movie, maybe it did in my twisted memory, but it’s not theirs anymore.
Bad-News-Bears belongs to me.

Now, what, you might ask, does it mean?
Think of something that went wrong. Say your friend tipped, spilt their beer (to keep up the alcohol themed post) and stood there looking so very very sad afterwards, lost and broken.

THAT is when you say Bad-News-Bears.

Or when you are realllly drunk, it’s been the end of the night and you are sooo hungry but the local diner/McDonalds/Burger place is closed and you just stand there, staring at the door with puppy dog eyes and a quivering lip.

“That is super Bad-News-Bears. “

Or your friends are over, you’re havin’ a bash and you go to your fridge only to find empty’s instead of full beers. And everyone’s tanked. YOU have to go to the liquor store if you want anything.

“Holy-Bad-News-Bears Batman!!”

It’s that feeling you get when something you depended on, nothing terribly important of course, but something you wanted, like balance, a beer or munchies- and you just can’t have it. Bad-News-Bears events are not the end of the world by any means. They’re just those moments in life you wish didn’t happen but can’t really take back that moment of ‘goddammit This shit is Bad-News-Bears!’

Suzy Pout Face circa
Royal Wedding 2011

And then you pout. That is proper Bad-News-Bears etiquette.
Suzy-Pout-Face Demands it.
Her day was totally Bad-News-Bears.


  1. You should watch it, but make sure it's the original with Tatum O'Neal, Jackie Earl Haley, and Walter Matthau. The remake with Billy Bob Thornton was utter shite.

    Also, I've been using this term since I was a kid. Everyone thinks I'm nuts, but I still do it. That and "Cool beans."

  2. Joshua - I just might watch it again! Walter Matthou ='s awesome.

    And I'm glad someone else is using the term (besides me and the boyfriend)

    I love 'Cool Beans' and proudly use 'Jawsome!' as much as I can. The Street Sharks were super cool once. I think...