Thursday, April 14, 2011

Why Boys and Sex in the City Don't Mix

I love my boyfriend. This is why:
I’ve just borne witness to about 20 minutes of the second Sex in the City movie (Djuna was watching it while I made myself lunch) and my god, what the fuck is wrong with these people.  Whatsherface, Sara Jessica Parker’s character, is the most self centered passive aggressive bitch I’ve ever seen.  Gives her husband huge fucking guilt trips because he’s not paying constant attention to her and showering her with love and affection while doing things she wants, fuck what he wants, if he wants something he’s boring.  Then she runs off for two days to spend time apart from him to do what she wants in private, he thinks they should do that more often, then she’s like “WHY DO YOU WANT TO DIVORCE ME”, because obviously wanting to do things apart means THAT YOU RELATIONSHIP HAS FAILED, but of course if they have to spend time together they must do what she wants.   Meanwhile she’s leaving to go to the middle east with her slut friend and the other two who aren’t as slutty.  I’m sorry, the middle east?  Where people are thrown in jail for sex outside of marriage?  THE FUCK?!?!?!?
I know all the rage woman have for this show when it plays into sterotypical roles and the writing seems to have been drowned five times before being slapped together, but it's nice to see a man looking at it with an educated and intelligent perspective.

He makes good points.
And it makes me laugh.

I heart you Zach.
And I HATE you Sex in the City.

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