Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Llama au Chapeau

Experiments in Exploring my ‘Free’ and ‘Uninhibited’ Self
(ie: lisa’s gonna pretend to be a hippie because it’s funny)

Hey man. Woman, Spiritual being and partner in this earth of ours. Hey.
How are you? I don’t just mean your physical shell, but your soul. Your spirit. How are you?

I feel the need to explain my awareness experience into my true self today, to show you how you can live together in harmony with your world and your brothers and your sisters, everyone and every living thing by dismissing the world presented around you.

When was the last time you took a look at yourself? Not just in the mirror, but into your ‘self’.
I did today. I found out who I am. I went from scrunched high heeled shoes – like the confining government with its rules, and the commercial society with its unspoken social constraints – I took off those heels man, I took them off and saw myself.

In my feet.

In those shoes I was stifled, trapped, shrinking and in agony. But I looked good. I looked tailored and stylish because the pressure to be like everyone else was so strong. It overpowers you, pushes you away from your ‘self’ and into those pointed high heels. Tiptoeing around the world like I’m better than the dirt, like I don’t want my feet to get wet.

But now that I’m out, I am my feet. I look down and see the marks from the tight strap fade away, the arch of my foot no longer so high. I knead the carpet with my toes and think ‘yes, you are your feet not the shoes you wear’ . The soft fabric of the carpet feels so real, so soft compared to the hard suede sole of my shoe – Stolen from the great mother earth!
I am not afraid to get my feet wet. To splash about in the office sink – no my friend, I will not shy away from the great water giving watercooler who’s precious drink came from the great mother herself! I will embrace the sweet sensation of cool, crisp tap liquid cascading like a natural hidden waterfall into my soul.

There, in my soul, is a llama; a great majestic llama that stands proud and true. He does not wear heeled shoes – he has no shoes! There, in the depths of my soul, I am that llama chewing slowly on that tall bitter grass, twitching my ears as I please. There’s not social conformity pressing me down there. I can drink the muddy pool water all I want – I’m a llama in a chapeau and there’s nothing in the world that can stop me.

I feel the llama reaching out. Slowly trotting his way into my reality. I know I am the llama, I feel it between my now freed toes as I chew on bits of paper from the copy machine and wear an empty box on my head.
I swerve between cubicles, standing tall. “You’re all trapped man!” I yell, and I tell you now you too are trapped. Trapped by the devices that control you life and demand social interaction from the faceless men and women you’ll never face. Trapped by the clothes and the shoes and the smells you wear.
I’ll not wash my feet of the tap water. I’ll let them ferment into a solid stench that reminds you, Mrs Accounts Receivable in the cubicle next door, how free I am. You, Mrs HR Manager, that I will not be held down by your ‘Rules’ ‘Regulations’ and ‘WHIMS Handbook of Guides to Safe operation of Large Machinery’. And to you... Mr President. I’ll not be guided by your friendly money providing hand in exchange for a fair work schedule of 9-5 each day confined in those terrible horrible shoes I bought willingly with the money you provided me!

I am a Llama au chapeau!

If you too would like to be free please follow the link to my online store where you can find my book on “How to be a Llama in a Hat” by High Priestess RiverStorm PassingWindMountain along with other ‘Free’* and ‘Uninhibited’ paraphernalia that will help you to find your soul and self in your feet.

*Free is, in this case, an expression and does not denote the cost of the items you shall find available for monetary purchase online.


  1. Hey, I cant find the link, and my llama is all into like earmuffs...and i think he will get a headcold. so like, i need to explore this llama hat option.

    also is llama "llama" in french? is casey "casey" in french? WHO AM I IN FRENCH??!??!


  2. There is no llama link! TWAS ALL A RUSE!
    But Maybe I should come up with a llama hat.
    And that link... it reminds me of Charlie the Unicorn.