Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happiness is a Toonie Sized Pancake. In your mouth.

There are few things in the world that can bring about pure happiness. Well, there are a lot of things, but sometimes they’re masked by the bullshit that makes life stinky. Like rotten compost bins, getting slapped (the opposite of slapping someone) with a metal ruler or having lipstick on your teeth while at an interview. This is especially shitty for boys.

Pancakes are an escape from that.

Now I’m not a coinsurer, not like I’m that great at baked goods either but pancakes make everyone happy. 

Children: They like happy shapes! Animals, dinosaurs, (because they are not to be categorized with animals I say! They are more RAWRsome), shapes, blobs that defy the original simple round cohesive form practiced by flapjack-shops world ‘round.
I shall say Jim’s pancakes are Awesome (clicky-clicky-for-a-linky) Jim's Pancakes.com - SUPA FUN!

Hoity-Toity Folk: The perfectly shaped rounds, just the perfect thickness with the right amount of exotic fruit from Whole Foods topped with all natural (but not homemade – that would take effort) whipped crème, or crème fraiche topped with a sprig of mint from someone else’s garden.

Grown-Up Children: STAR WARS PANCAKE SHAPES!!!! COUPLED WITH VADER SPATULA! This may be every overgrown boy and girl’s heaven. To eat Vader’s head... to nibble on Yoda’s ear or rip a chunk of the Millennium Falcon while making ‘petew petew’ sounds of lazors in SPACE!

Witches: Cactus. (Yes, for all your girls out there that was a reference to classic 90’s film Practical Magic! SUCK ON THAT PANCAKE!)

Me: Toonie Sized Pancakes. My boyfriend has discovered that I get weak for tiny or adorable things. Items of minimalist stature or impeccable cuteness seem to squeeze little sounds form my lips that, like a chew toy, entice others to make me squeal more. He thinks it’s funny. Everyone thinks it’s funny.
I’m normally too wrapped up in the “DAWWWW!” (Insert rising pitch of voice) to notice that I look like a retarded grandmother seeking to pinch some chubby cheeks.

So, he made me a Toonie Sized Pancake. It requires capitals because it was that momentous. IT WAS SO TINY! LOOK IT FITS ON MY TONGUE! 

And it was delicious. Pancakes are easy to make (for my boyfriend – me.... not so much). It was adorable and inspired many photo’s and probably about 15 minutes of giggling on my behalf while trying soo damn hard not to eat it. I should frame it and put it in my kitchen when I have a kitchen.

Hmmm pancakes.

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