Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Secret Stomp

There are few things in life that are better than a well made burger on a nice summer day.

This week has been absolute hell in Toronto for weather, meaning it's been cold as balls for spring. So if I can't have one, why not the other?

Allow me to introduce you to, one of the many versions that this special beast can take:

The Secret Stomp

Photo Copyright Lisa-Marie Wilson 2014 and yeah, that's all cheese.

This is a burger of obscene proportions from Burger Stomper Gourmet Burger and Milkshake Bar (yeah, the name's a mouthful too).

On this beast of a burger:

  • Two onion rings
  • lettuce
  • two thick slices of tomato
  • a burger wrap with beef, sauteed mushrooms and onions in a BBQ sauce
  • at least 4 slices of bacon
  • a round mound of baked cheese
  • their regular beef burger patty
  • sesame bun

I like this place, Zach and I go there not too often to feel ridiculous, but every once in a while when we want a good burger with all, and I mean, ALL the toppings. The Secret Stomp is a custom over the top burger that is different every time. Zach has ordered them before, all you say is what you don't like and the rest of their toppings are fair game. We've seen hot dogs, chicken burgers, french fries, gravy, a tower of sweet potatoe fries and more -- and those are just the extra throw ins. They can come with one, two, hell probably three beef patties. Who knows! It's a great treat, and like Zach says they are never the same twice. Never.

I know I spend, or am trying to spend a great deal of time on making food from scratch and healthy and fresh and awesome... the list could go on. Eating out, though a lovely pleasure, isn't one of those ways to you know, cut down on spending but sometimes you just have to! This is one of those places.

Are these the best burgers on the Danforth? I don't know, I don't eat that many Burgers. I have to say the next best contender (a mere stones throw away from Burger Stomper) is The Auld Spot Pub.

Photo credit: The Auld Spot Pub Facebook page
Image Credit:

They have Pommies dry cider on tap (thank you!) and some amazing food. Fried chicken and colecannon? Hells yes. Muscles? If I'm in the mood. Baked Macaroni and Cheese with double smoked bacon? You had me at Bacon! But I'm talking about their burgers today, wasn't I? Holy crap are they good. They have a fantastic ground meat blend that can be served pink and so juicy. Delish! But they don't have a towering secret stomp and sometimes a burger that dwarfs others makes you feel powerful.

Now let me first say, I'm no true connoisseur of the burger, but these places are great ones to check out. I know they've both been featured up the wazzoo by Toronto Local papers, magazines and all the blogs in the world. But both The Auld Spot Pub and the Burger Stomper are worth the trek to the Danforth.

So good! Man does this make me hungry...