Saturday, February 12, 2011

Technological Adventures : iPods

It’s official: I am behind the times when it comes to technology. 

Sure I have a computer with Window’s 7-64 bit. BUT I do have a laptop with Windows Vista (Please try not to vomit, and for those Vista lovers out there GET WINDOWS 7!!) It works, but it’s slowly getting slower and slower every day. Technology ages and in doing so dates it’s users.

I came to my retro realization while shopping for an iPod. Yes, I am an apple consumer whore. I can’t help it. They’re so pretty, and sleek and I get supa-jealous when I see other people enjoying them like it’s sweet sweet candy that I want but can’t have!!!

But I bought an iPod. The reason for this purchase as to replace my current iPod. Because it broke? No. It’s still in perfect working condition. And I’m sorry gentlemen for this next statement but it was because of the size. It DOES count.
I have a iPod Nano, 2nd Gen. Yes it’s THAT old. But it was a gift, a wonderful glorious gift that made me squee and jump up and down for I no longer faced long walks and subway trips in silence. No, I had a marvellous and totally cool iPod Nano (2nd gen was new then) with one whole gig of space to fill.  

That’s right. For the last, I’d say, five years I’ve only ever had one gig of music on hand.
That’s it.
Like 3 playlists if they’re small...

For years I’ve mulled over the idea of getting a new one. Updating to a newer nano with 2 gigs was a dream and fantasy! Then there was 6, then 16. But all this paled in comparison to the monstrous amounts you could then acquire from their higher end devices. Please, however, remember that if I am anything in this world, I am cheap. Sure I could call it savvy, cost conscientious, frugal: but I’m real and honest in the fact that I’m cheap. I like bargains. I enjoy saving money and hording it like an evil little leprechaun sharing it with NO ONE!
I like having money. I REALLY like spending it, but I try to avoid it at all costs. (OH what a pun)

So finally after years of mustering myself to decide that yes, one gig of music space is archaic and
useless, I traveled with the BF to Futureshop. 


Their customer service is embarrassing and it took them like 10 minutes to page someone to come to the department right next to where they were paging from. Teenagers amble through the aisles avoiding customers. I get it, being a teenager sucks but for Christ sake they are PAYING you to do next to nothing. Just at least do SOMETHING. 

But don’t go. Really. Save yourself the frustration. Drive to the Scarborough Town Center or brave the Ajax shopping conglomeration on highway 2. Picking blows. A black whole of sad, underdeveloped teens, trapped adult children living with their parents, young, FAR too young mothers who don’t know who the baby daddies are, and old people. Who drive. There’s nothing worse, save Markham and Oshawa.

So the iPod. We walked in, got my BF the wrong phone (to be replaced later) and then proceeded to spend nearly half an hour mulling over the purchase I would inevitably make. This is of course in addition to the multitude of hours already spent staring at the Apple Store online, lurking Craigs list for a used model (that I would never buy, who knows what they’ve done with it!), kijiji, customer reviews – you name it.

The BF got sick of hearing me flip flop. Bless his heart he didn’t say it, but I could see it when he stopped and stared with those ‘Just make up your damn MIND WOMAN!’ eyes. I love that look, and hate it... but he stayed patient, even after I started questioning my motives of ‘yes I want it, yes I can afford it, yes it’s okay to spend money but SHOULD I spend 300+$$$ on something to play music.’

But I did. WOOHOO! Still, I’m failing in my efforts to be ‘up to date’ and ‘trendy’ with my electronics because I got the classic 160 gig. No, not a Touch. Why the hell would I get a touch! 8 gigs for the same price as 160!? Who cares if there’s internet! If I’m listening to music it’s because I’m not on my computer and probably in a place I can’t be online even if I have the damned device.
And I could NEVER get an iPhone. The cheap-gene coursing through my veins would somehow create an implosion to end my existence as I would be stepping closer to Princess-dom . 


Then came the warranty. BF and I listened as under experienced Futurshop employee #3 tried to sell a 3 year warranty for 90$ because ‘iPod batteries die after 6 months’. My Nano has been used like a cheap hooker and she’s still kicking strong. NEVER had a problem but here, I must be stupid. They only last 6-months don’tchakno?

Tard. I wanted to smack him. Then he tried to sell me a plan for the headphones. BECAUSE I HAVE TO HAVE APPLE BUDS! MUST HAVE APPLE! I still have my nano ones + a pair comes in the box + super duper sound proof headphones my dad bought me (they’re awesome but massive) + ones I got for Christmas because I wanted black ones one year + I can buy good enough ones for 30 bucks should mine break. ZOMG BUT I MUST BUY THE PLAN.

Futureshop employee fail: NEVER assume you know more than the customer. Yes a lot of idiots go into computer shops and say ‘DURP, Halp me buy compuder stuff to play like all dose fun games!’ But those people are easy to spot. A boyfriend and a girlfriend, standing around the iPod’s having an intellectual discussion about the overpriced touch for limited space and capabilities does not mean we’re stupid. 

Assume I’m stupid, I’m going to flat out call you on shit. Asshat.

Then we found the ONLY CASE available for iPod classic: 44.99 + tax.
Take the ‘F’ in ‘four’, shove it up your ass and add an ‘uck’ for good measure. I am not paying 50$ for a piece of plastic casing that is more annoying than helpful.

So we go to the mall. The cheapness in my heart is hurting: Lisa, you’ve spent too much money. You bought something out of date (but totally awesome and I love it because it’s pretty and has a shiny cover, and I scold myself for not buying online where I could have had it engraved with something silly that would always make me laugh but I love it anyways) for way too much. And you can’t protect it. You must counter your extravagance with unrealistic fugal stupidity.

That’s where the kids socks come in. 

There I am, needing a case for my phone, but totally hate anything I see, and nothing fits a classic because I can feel the evil Apple planning to phase it out and make touch’s and Nano’s the only thing available. So it hits me, be cheap and cute! KIDS SOCKS! After debating between Spiderman, Elmo and Thomas the Tank Engine I decide to purchase a cute 4 pack of skull / rock socks for kids. Please note I am wearing one of the pairs I did not chop up (they fit up to a size 9 and lo, I am a size 9!!)

So this sock sack rocks. Really.
I’ve used two socks to make it double squishy soft and protective, sewed them together at the top band. Then cut the bottom of the sock off and sewed it shut to create a little sleeve with a skull on the front.
Super cute. 

THEN, added snaps. Now because I really don’t want to scratch the iPod I placed them on the outside. This means when the snaps closed the iPod can’t slip out, but the headphones will still trail from the top and the clasps will never come in contact with the case of the pod.
Now the ear buds have posed a problem. I did not anticipate them being so big, but they fit inside the sock and I’m considering adding an outside little pouch where they can sit when not in use.
The cost? 8$+tax. Came to 12 after buying 3 packs of Nerds. I LOVE NERDS.

My cheap gene was satisfied. And I had fun making it. Sure it’s not the most pretty and perfect case in the world but no one has another and I now have adorable mismatched socks on my feet. One’s gray with a skull, same as the front of the case, the other is the pink, orange and black sock I used for the inside lining.

Shoping adventure =’s awesome.
Cheap-gene satisfied however I am still tragically out of date when it comes to technology. I won’t even get started on my crap-tacular Koodo phone.

Oh, and did I mention the absolutely awesome name of my iPod.
He has been dubbed by BF to be HiHopiPodamus.
Awesome HipHopiPodamus.


  1. I had zee ghetto ipod like this, back when it was brand new and only had 30 gigs. it never died. and ipods COME WITH one year warrenty- so wtf??

    my old one was awesome- never failed me. until some rat ass teenager broke into Gins car and stole it and then called me at 3 am on a sunday night months later to "claim the reward for finding it" (i keep my number in my ipods).

    I told him his reward was a 30 gig ipod video- enjoy douchebag!

    anyway I got an ipod touch and i loooove it and seriously cannot hit 8 gigs if i try. but it did break on day 364 and i rushed to apple to get it replaced :)

    end of story, dont leave your earbuds in the ipod when it is not in use- its bad for the connector.

    also, using apple earbuds is a signal to thieving thiefs that you have an ipod so it is smarter to wear a shitty brand.

    PS- LOOOVE your case :D

  2. goddamn it, i always spell warranty wrong

  3. I didn't even know that Pickering had a Future Shop! How weird is that?!

    But I love your sock case... officially the cutest ever. Good job! :D